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I'm a Librarian, a Selections and Events Coordinator with an independent bookstore and an author events planner who reads constantly. I freelance review for a number of publications, and I've taught in England, Australia and in various schools in Canada.
I started this blog after one of my students looked at me in exasperation after I recommended a book to him, asking, "When are you going to start your own blog so we can look up the books you like?" How could I refute that?
I'm currently a Selections and Events Coordinator for one of the best independent bookstores in Canada (no, really - even the CBC thought so too), and I love talking to all kinds of people about the books they are reading. I love to connect authors with their readers, and I never tire of seeing people excited about books. I currently review for a number of publications on a freelance basis.
When I grow up I want to travel with the Doctor in the TARDIS, but for now, wherever I can find a bookshop is home.

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