Blog Tour Guest Post: “What Is Your Power?” by Lisa White


Our thanks to author Lisa White for agreeing to give us a guest post today – and a really GREAT one at that! Honestly, numbers 2, 3, 6 and 7 may not solve the world’s problems, but they’d fix most of mine in a day! Read on and enjoy … 

Because you are reading this, you are obviously a follower of this wonderful literary blog and one of my favourite sections on this site is Jenn’s Top Ten Tuesday. Now, I know it isn’t Tuesday, but my latest book screams for a top ten list so here we are. DISCOVERY is a new adult paranormal romance and the first book in my Council of Powers trilogy. DISCOVERY introduces us to the Powers World and all the superpower and misfit characters that this secret world holds.  In honor of DISCOVERY, I came up with my own top ten list of superpowers, albeit some are a little strange, but all might somehow make someone’s life a little better – and isn’t that what really makes a power super anyway?

1.     The Power to Make Manners.  This power is all about making people act courteous and treat other people with respect.  For instance, you see a person push in front of someone in the line at the grocery store.  Wouldn’t you just love to point your finger at that person and make all their rudeness disappear.  Life would be so much easier if everyone was kind to one another and an easy way to show that kindness is to show respect by using manners.  Open the door for a stranger, say please and thank you.  It may not sound like much but using this superpower could go a long way in making others feel better about themselves.

2.     The Power to Cook a Fabulous Dinner with Anything in Your Pantry on a Moment’s Notice.  For those of you in your first apartment or on a tight budget, this power is for you.  No more hodgepodge meals, no more microwaving chicken nuggets for the sixth night in a row.  You open your pantry door, snap your fingers and, voila, your pantry’s contents magically blend together to form a tasty meal.   Easy-peasy.

3.     The Power to Clean, Fold, and Put Away Clothes Instantly.  No elaboration needed here.  If you wash clothes, you know what I’m talking about.  Snap your fingers and laundry’s done.  Again, easy-peasy.

4.     The Power to Give Makeovers.  I know this power sounds shallow, but how a person looks has a direct correlation to how that person feels.  You’ve seen them.  The people who go to Wal-Mart wearing nothing but a tee shirt two sizes too small, flip-flops that shuffle more than they flip, and the same pyjama pants worn the night before.  Sad, but true.  These people need a makeover.  They need something to lift them up from the outside in.  Point your power at them, change their appearance for the better, and watch them change their world.

5.     The Power for World Peace.  Speaking of changing worlds, you knew I had to throw this one in – especially to balance out that Makeover Power – I’m really not shallow.  This one is a biggie and I’m not even sure if this much power is possible for only one person, but wouldn’t it be great if one person could do this?  Okay, enough of the Miss America moment, moving on…

6.     The Power to Fly.  Most people want to fly like Superman – but I’m more into an Iron Man flight.  All suited up, impervious to weather.  Like your own personal mini-airplane to take you wherever you want to go at any time you want to go there.  Plus, you could wear whatever you want under your suit and be ready for any event when you land – beach, dinner party, business meeting – just don’t wear your pyjamas (see Number 4 above).

7.     The Power to Fix Anything.  This one might put a lot of plumbers and mechanics out of business but it might also save a lot of marriages too.  Broken appliances, leaky roof, wrecked car – snap your fingers and they instantly transform back to their original state.  For anyone who has had to pay a contractor, you know the strength of this power.

8.     The Power of Instant Literacy.  This one is self-explanatory.  Point your finger at someone and they instantly know how to read.  This power opens more worlds than the Iron Man flight in Number 6.  Think about it.

9.     The Power to Grant One Wish.  On the surface, an easy power to manage – but this one must come with some restrictions or you would be one tired super power. The wish granted must be for the benefit of someone else entirely – a stranger, a neighbor, a relative.  Anyone other than the wisher.  Makes you think, doesn’t it?

10.     The Power to Heal Others.  This one is a no brainer – with a single tough, you could cure cancer, close up a gunshot wound or ease a knife’s pain.  In DISCOVERY, heroine Grace Mackay discovers she has the power to heal the injured and resurrect life with her touch.  Grace’s normal world is turned upside down and, amid threats of death and twists of love, she must find her own place in the Powers World and carry the burden of the rare power to heal with her.

While this list may be a little over the top, in reality everyone has a Power.  Deep inside.  Something that makes them special.  Something that makes them a better person.  Something that makes their life worth living.  While not everyone’s power is as evident as, say, Aretha’s voice Power or Picasso’s artistic Power – nevertheless everyone does have a Power.  It may be as elaborate as Frank Lloyd Wright’s design Power, or as simple as the Power to make the bag boy at your local grocery store smile.  But it is a Power nonetheless, because for that bag boy, you may be the highlight of his day.  So the next time the local grocery bag boy smiles at you, remember your Power.  And if you really want to make his day even better, take a moment to ask him:


Lisa WhiteVisit Lisa at her author website and on Facebook, and be sure to check out “Discovery”, available through Kindle and Kobo for your ereader. Thanks as well to TLC tours for connecting me with such a great author – I’m look forward to her next book in the series!

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