I’m Still Here …

radio silence

Hey there!

I’m still around … but somehow I’ve managed to end up on several reading committees for various award thingy-purposes, as well as doing a whole bunch of reviewing for other people (and getting paid for the pleasure!). Oh, and did I mention that I actually work full time as well? I will still be posting here, but expect things to be a little quiet for the next few weeks as I try to find that balance between reviewing the stuff I love, and keeping confidence about the books I’m reading for a purpose, all while ensuring that the cat is fed and the regular jobs get done.

There’s still some posts coming – some #ReviewsdayTuesday posts, a #BrunchBookClub or two, some #MiddleGradeMonday and even some blog tours (yay for publishers!), so it won’t be completely dark. Be sure to check in on Twitter or stop by here to say hi.

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Drowning in pages,