It’s all about the books.

Welcome to my blog!

Reading is a huge part of my life; not only is it part of my job (lucky me!) but it’s part of everything I do. I have books all over the house (seriously – it’s almost becoming a fire hazard!), and the best gift I was ever given in the past few years was my e-reader (okay, the teapot and the Tassimo were also pretty awesome as anyone who knows my love of hot bevvys will attest!).

When I was younger, I was “that kid” – you know, the one you always saw with at least one book sticking out of the backpack, or under her arm, or tucked under her jacket when it was her turn at hopscotch. I worked as a student library leader while I was in school, and my mother was a town librarian. Between that, and my father being the school principal … really, did I stand any chance of NOT becoming a Teacher-Librarian?

Just a note about book reviews … unless otherwise notified, you can presume that the opinions are my own, that the books were either purchased by me or given to me to review by an online source such as, and that I was not compensated in any way for my review.Unless it’s horribly, terribly wrong in some way, shape or form, I’m likely only going to review the story and the overall flow of the book, not the writing. Sometimes I’ll post reviews by some of my students, but sadly only using pseudonyms for their own protection.

I’ve started this new blog in order to share book reviews, comments, cool sites, interesting tidbits and other things that are of interest to other readers of all genres. Please leave a comment, a review or a reading recommendation for me – I’d love your input!

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