Quick Update: I’m still here!


Hi everybody!!


See that photo up there? That would be me. Yes, I’m still here, even though it looks like my poor blog has been abandoned. I’m currently buried under more boxes than I know what to do with, because it is MOVING SEASON.

I’m not leaving my beloved country small town, but instead moving from a converted barn to an actual old stone farmhouse. It’s beautiful, it’s rustic, it’s historic, it will likely be hell in winter and I’m so excited to get in there. It also has zero storage (historic and farmhouse = hooks on walls, not closets) so I’m attempting to figure out where I might put all those things I decided I had to have in my life.

Have I Marie Kondo‘d? Have I Gretchen Rubin‘d? You know it. I’ve donated more books than I thought I owned to local schools, have gratefully accepted the support of friends and am attempting to figure out the correct dose of kitty Valium for the tiny furry dictator who is convinced I’m going to leave her behind. Did I also mention that I left my old job (and people I loved) last week and started one new job this week and will start another (freelance) one later next week)? So yeah…   I took possession of the keys this morning and still haven’t finished packing so my stress level is somewhere between meltdown and death.

Long and short of it is … I’ll be back. I promise. Right now 99.9% of my books are packed and awaiting new attention-grabbing locations in my new place, and I have a couple of fab blog tours coming, so postings will continue. Be patient. Once my internet is installed and is up and running, you won’t even know I was gone.

Until then, keep reading, and leave your recommendations for best summer reads for when I’m finished unpacking in the comments below or on Twitter (@lostingreatbook).


The tiny dictator attempts to thwart my packing momentum by hiding in boxes.