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#readathon Update: 10 hours in…

Yes, we have made it to double-digits! All those who are reading with me should take a moment to make a celebratory cup of tea/coffee and pat yourself on the back … no really, stretching is good at this point. Take a break and stretch!

What have I been reading? Well, here’s what I’ve been up to since my last post….

Scandalous Lord Dere: A Novella from Secrets of a Perfect Night by Stephanie Laurens (finished) Frankly, I needed a reading break. This novella (inspired by another readathon participant – thank you!) was just the palate cleanser I needed as I was getting really annoyed with a character in another book and needed to walk away from him for a while. A very sweet historical, bit spicy at times, but in the end, True Lurve (™) conquered all. Very satisfying! (168 pages)

First Descent by Pam Withers This is the one with the main character who just made me want to reach out and smack him upside the head. Honestly, Rex was highly irritating to me for a good portion of this book. For someone so bright and supposedly well-traveled, he was pretty ignorant about the situation between the paramilitary and guerrilla organizations, and the dangers inherent to the First Nations people. I loved the character of Myriam as she struggled between helping her family and village and wanting to go away to university so that she could gather international support for her village’s plight. I thought the “secret reveal” was a little eye-roly, but I liked how the greater threat forced each character to become who they needed to be (vague enough? I hate spoilers…) Highly interesting read, especially about life in rural Columbia and the dangers within for the locals. (264 pages)

Unlocked by Courtney Milan (novella) This is truly a wonderful little novella, and a great break before I head back into the world of Middle Grade Fiction. A novella about forgiveness and change, this one broke my heart about six times. Lady Elaine is brilliant in her hidden pain, and how Evan, her former tormentor and bully, begins to show her that he loves her through respect is remarkable in such a short amount of time. This was a true gem of a read.   (104 pages)

Up next: Loon Island by Donna Firby Gamache

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  1. I would like 24 hours just to read…it was supposed to rain today so I was planning to read a lot, but instead it was sunny and gorgeous, so we went walking instead. Hopefully it will rain tomorrow! I love rain, a good book, and hot tea the best.

    Instead, I finally got onto Goodreads, although I didn’t hook it to Facebook as yet. I haven’t been upgraded to the new “timeline” on FB, and I’m trying to avoid it, and if I hook Goodreads to it, I HAVE to go to Timeline. Yuck! Talk about a downer…

    Have fun with the next


    • Your day sounds lovely … I would have preferred sunshine and a long walk to the whopping 9 degrees here. Yesterday was 22. Somehow that doesn’t seem right!
      Oh, and your work at Borders? #heaven! As much as I love what I do, and I really do, I would love to work in a bookstore and to be around great books all day. I think the lending library philosphy was inspired; what a great way to keep people involved and interested in the product they are supposed to be promoting!


  2. Oops…misfire! Have fun with the next 14 hours is what I meant to say!! 🙂


  3. You’re doing great! Good idea to throw some novellas into the mix!


  4. Hope the last half of the RAT goes well for you and you can keep the eyes open!


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