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Top Ten Non-Book Blogs/Sites to Visit

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish. This feature was created because they are particularly fond of lists over at The Broke and the Bookish. They love to share their lists with other bookish folks and would LOVE to see your top ten lists!

Each week they will post a new Top Ten list that one of the bloggers there at The Broke and the Bookish will answer. Everyone is welcome to join. Are you a blogger as well? All that’s asked is that you link back to The Broke and the Bookish on your own Top Ten Tuesday post AND add your name to the Linky widget so that everyone can check out other bloggers lists! If you don’t have a blog, just post your answers as a comment. Have fun with it!

The Top Ten Blogs/Sites That I Read that AREN’T About Books (gasp!)

You should know up front that I have quirky taste. No, really, I do. I’m a self-proclaimed geek (and happy about that fact) but also a trivia hound. I will unabashedly seek out inane bits of trivia and even random gossip – but only if it’s written well.

10. Huffington Post

I enjoy this site because it often gives different viewpoints by a variety of public figures – journalists, politicians, actors, musicians, etc. – on the same topic. Always entertaining, it’s more “newstainment” than actual news at times, but I’m okay with that.

9. Daily Dose of Imagery 

Sam Javanrouh is a Toronto-based photographer/creative director who posts a photo a day based on everyday things he sees around him. The photo of the day may be a vacation shot, or a something he saw on the way to work that morning. They are small slices of life, and a must-see for me every day. Also interesting: if you let your mouse hover over the picture, it will give you some of the tech specs, giving you some interesting tips for your own photos.

8. Cinesnark  / Badmovies.org

I’m putting both of these sites at the same level as they are both devoted to movies (and, in the case of Cinesnark, some tv), but from very different perspectives. Cinesnark is an honest review of not only how movies perform, but how they should do and why. Sarah’s not afraid to call out filmmakers for what she feels are easy outs, and her articles are always entertaining.

Badmovies.org is similar in that it strips away a lot of the hype, and tells you honestly when that latest blockbuster is actually a bad movie. After all, let’s be honest: sometimes, isn’t watching a bad movie the most fun

7. The Bloggess 

She had me at Wil Wheaton collating paper. Best part? She’s delivering the closing address at BEA’s Blogger event in June – and I’ll be there.

6. Attack of the Redneck Mommy

Tanis Miller started her blog as a way to deal with her grief after the death of her son, Shale, and it has evolved as a way for her to share her often hilarious, often poignant views on parenting and life in general. A good Alberta girl, she’s CanCon at its finest, and well worth checking out!

5. Lainey Gossip

Gossip blogger Elaine Liu started her daily observations about the idiosyncrasies of Hollywood life while supporting her mom through a serious illness – she’s now a correspondent with eTalk Canada, and has a huge and devoted fan following at her site. She’s snarky, she’s goofy and she’s often brutally honest – and while I may not always agree with her take on things, I will always respect her for speaking her mind (oh, and for her great taste in friends, who also guest blog on her site). If you are looking for Hollywood gossip, this is the site to see.

4. Whedonesque 

Whedonesque is a community weblog devoted to the work of Joss Whedon. If you like Buffy, Dr. Horrible, Firefly, Cabin in the Woods, the Avengers or any other Whedon project, this is the site for you. With links to sites all over the world, it’s truly the most comprehensive source of Whedon info. Well worth the time!

3. Felicia Day’s Flog / Wil Wheaton’s Tabletop Show

Okay, here’s where my inner geek gets to come out to play. If you know anything about Felicia Day, you know that she’s a geek princess, and six kinds of awesome. She’s a gamer, an actress, an internet-series star (not the pervy kind!) and even a character in a video game (okay, they modeled on her character – and she kicks ass). I only discovered her Flogs about two weeks ago, and I’m hooked. If I didn’t already adore her, then this would have clinched it.

Had I discovered the joy that is Tabletop earlier, it would be further up the list. Still, it’s in the top ten, if only because where can you watch a show about BOARD GAMES??? Growing up, it was a Friday night tradition for my family to play card and board games together. We’d order a pizza from Jim’s (love that bread dough ball used to keep the lid from coming down!), and just hang out as a family. I learned a lot about social skills and how to lose gracefully (yeah, there was no give because I was the youngest), and we played all kinds of games. My brother & sister-in-law have continued this tradition, and board games are large part of life up north for them. While Scrabble will always reign supreme, discovering new games is half the fun.

2. The Pioneer Woman

I love reading Ree Drummond’s blog. A self-described city woman who fell hard for a cowboy and now lives in the middle of nowhere, she blogs about food and about her life. She has a tonne of interesting recipes, coupled with some incredible photos, and she will discuss everything from how to make the perfect iced coffee (this is GOLDEN, by the way) – to how to her crazy dog Charlie’s antics or how her kids drive her crazy.

1. TED

TED stands for Technology, Education, Design, and is a global phenomena that promotes interesting discussions on a wealth of topics from a diverse group of people. It’s not-for-profit, and the whole process is about sharing ideas and concepts. There are conferences in the US and in the UK each year, but more importantly there are a wealth of videos online that allow individuals who have done extraordinary things to share their ideas with the world. I’m mesmerized by this site, and visit it daily.

Ken Robinson explains how schools are stifling creativity:

Dan Gilbert asks, Why are we Happy?

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  1. Nice list! Will check out these links. 🙂


  2. I love Ted.com too, such an awesome collection of talks. 🙂


  3. TED is awesome – especially their education and medicine channels. And I love Huffington Post too – they have some really interesting takes on LGBT issues too.

    Feel free to visit my TTT 🙂


  4. Fabulous list! I love The Bloggess! I secretly read it at work to get a good laugh. 🙂
    My Top Ten


  5. I love to read Huff post. Redneck Mommy made my top ten too. Great links!


  6. I checked out some of your sites. Love The Bloggess. Thanks for sharing.


  7. Ah! Lainey!! I always forget about that one! I love what I read when I’m on there, but never remember to go and check it often!

    Michele | Top 10


  8. Jeez, I am finding out about all these fantastic sites that I love, but didn’t add to my list. TED is amazing and innovative and inspirational. I love it!


  9. What a very awesome list! Thank you for sharing…got some new sites to go check out now.


  10. I. Love. Bloggess. That is all.


  11. I’m a huge Lainey Gossip fan. She’s snarky without being unnecessarily mean. And it seems like she knows what she’s talking about.


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