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Top Ten Tuesday: My Bookish Resolutions


We are a week into a new year, and while I haven’t made any personal resolutions (I believe that life changes should happen all year), I do believe that you need to set goals, especially when you are reading huge amounts (ahem … not that my TBR pile is growing exponentially or anything… ahem). There are some pretty amazing resolutions available at brokeandbookish.com, and I’ll leave it to you to check them out. Here, then, are my own personal bookish resolutions for 2013.

1.   I will not stress about the large piles of books awaiting my attention

I have a lot of books to read. It’s the nature of my job, and I need to find that place of joy within me again – that frisson of excitement when I pick up a new book, and that keeps me motivated to continue reading. I adore reading, and I appreciate the opportunities that I have to read amazing books. I need to write that on a post-it and stick it to my mirror to read each morning.

2.    I will post to this blog more frequently, including an average of  a review to my blog at least once a week

As I mentioned above, I read a lot for my work. I do review the books I read, but in a multitude of locations. I need to be better at centring my reviews and posting them on this site as well as the other sites that I frequent. It’s the interaction with others that makes blogging so much fun.The past few months have proven to me that life can get out of hand before you know it. While I don’t want to be tied to my computer screen for hours at a time (life’s too short, and I did receive snowshoes for Christmas!), I also need to be more disciplined in scheduling some posts for future publication.

3.    I will complete the Random House Bingo Challenge – for myselfReading-Bingo

The idea of this challenge brings me joy – to read something unusual and different, to remind myself that it’s important to read ‘off-script’ sometimes and to not take myself too seriously while doing it. Check it out and see if it might work out for you – it promises to be fun!

4.   I will complete my reading challenge of 150 books

This is not necessary ‘work’ books, but books for me. I’ll allow my book club books for this list (I’m in 2 book clubs and run 2-3 other monthly clubs, depending on the season), but specific books that I ‘need’ to read won’t be included in this list.

5.   I will take the time to explore how to change my blog to make it more accessible – and that might mean being self-hosted (gulp)

I’ve been hesitant about taking the leap into self-hosting, and as a result, I haven’t been doing much to change the appearance of my blog. I have a more established idea of how I want things to look, and what I want to be able to do on my blog. Now that I have family and friends with more experience in these areas, I resolve to take the time to talk with them to see what we can do together.

6.    I will read the newspaper each weekend – and not just the book section.

I have a tendency of living in a bubble at times, and that’s just not okay. I need to be able to be part of the real world, and to discuss current events with people. No one wants to be the foolish one in a conversation, so it’s time to reward myself with a couple of hours of uninterrupted time with the newspaper each weekend. Bliss.

7.    I will explore more options on audiobook

I’ve really enjoyed the Harry Dresden books on audiobook lately. When I drive into the city, it’s a 75- 90 minute drive, and I can get through a big chunk of the book during that time. I have some pretty incredible book reps, and some of them are oh-so-gently easing me into other titles (thanks, Bonnie!). What’s in my Audible file right now? Bossypants, written and read by Tina Fey. I strongly recommend it.

8.   I will organize my new library card

I’m a librarian, and the daughter of a librarian. It pains me to admit that I’ve been living in my new place for six months now, and while I’m on good terms with a number of the librarians in my area, I haven’t actually set foot in the library proper to get a new library card. I know, I know. My mother would be horrified. On my to-do list for this month, and I WILL get it done!

9.   I will not join more challenge than I can realistically manage

I love the concept of reading challenges, and of the wonderful things they can help you to explore. However, there are also only so many hours in the day. Thus, I have committed to my continuing read-along challenge with Michele at Just a Lil Lost, and to Wendy the Super Librarian’s Challenge …. and that’s it for now. I need to be realistic about my time and my over-reaching expectations, and this is good for now. If I think I can take in more… fantastic. Until then … I’m good.

10.   I will rediscover the joy of just reading

Reading as part of your work is a dangerous thing. While I love and appreciate the opportunities that I’ve been given, it’s a double-edged sword to be doing something you love for business. My final goal, therefore, is to rediscover the fun and joy in reading. I won’t stress if I dislike a book and put it down. I won’t feel guilty about what I’m reading *instead* of what I should be reading. I won’t feel pressure to read something ‘just because’. I’ll read it because I want to read it. Then, I’ll come back here and I’ll talk about it. Will you join me?

What are your reading goals for this year? Comment below, and check out The Broke & the Bookish for other resolutions if you need ideas. 

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  1. Wow, that’s an impressive list, Number 10 the penultimate!


  2. Great list of book goals! Of course I’m equally thrilled that you’ll be participating in the #ReadingBingo challenge 🙂


  3. Yay audiobooks! I love being read to (as long as the narrator is good) so I’m looking forward to seeing what you recommend


  4. I’m also hoping to move my blog over to my own domain – though I’ll probably buy a WordPress value pack, for the convenience. I want to be able to dig into the CSS myself and make my blog work how I want it to! I’m a digital scholarship librarian but I’ve never had any formal programming training, so I’ve been using codecademy.com to work on my coding skills. It’s great and free!

    Great TTT list 🙂


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