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OLA Update, aka Shameless Self Promotion


Today is the day! It’s day one of the Ontario Library Association’s 2017 Super Conference in Toronto. I love this conference with all my beating library heart, because it brings together librarians from all over to discuss issues and strategies and ideas that make us better. I’ve yet to walk away without a host of… Read More ›

Welcome back … Pokemon Go Style

Hey there! *waves* How are you? Been a while, right? I’m sorry for the delay in posting – committee work has been at its peak in the past few months, and while I’m reading up a storm, I can’t post a lot about what I’m reading (right now) until official lists are submitted and/or published. Let’s… Read More ›

Review & Giveaway for Monsters: A Love Story by Liz Kay

Stacey Lane feels like a monster. Tommy DeMarco might be one. Since her husband died eight months ago, Stacey’s been a certified mess—a poet who can’t write anymore, a good mother who feels like she’s failing her kids. She’s been trying to redefine herself, to find new boundaries. Tommy has no respect for boundaries. A… Read More ›

Quick Update: I’m still here!

Hi everybody!! *waves* See that photo up there? That would be me. Yes, I’m still here, even though it looks like my poor blog has been abandoned. I’m currently buried under more boxes than I know what to do with, because it is MOVING SEASON. I’m not leaving my beloved country small town, but instead… Read More ›

I’m Still Here …

Hey there! I’m still around … but somehow I’ve managed to end up on several reading committees for various award thingy-purposes, as well as doing a whole bunch of reviewing for other people (and getting paid for the pleasure!). Oh, and did I mention that I actually work full time as well? I will still be… Read More ›

It’s An Anniversary!

Hard to believe that it was only four years ago that I started this blog… that’s a lot of books read over 1,460 days! Four years ago, I was teaching students about starting their own blogs, when one of them asked me what my own blog was called. Considering I believe in ‘practicing what you… Read More ›

When Author/Illustrators Use their Powers for Good…

Disclaimer: This is a little bit of a rant. I don’t often do those on this site, but it DOES include an author I admire, and I think it’s something that needs to be discussed, so I’m talking about it on my blog. Apologies in advance if this isn’t your cup of tea; regularly scheduled… Read More ›

Holiday Hints #7: Book SOS! Perfect Picks for Four Kinds of Picky People

We all have those people in our life. We love them, we really do, but they can be incredibly picky, which makes it so hard to find presents! Never fear, though, I’m here to help. Below are few of the classic “picky styles” that you might encounter, and some solutions on what bookish presents you might… Read More ›

About Big Red Dogs and Acceptance: Goodbye, Norman Bridwell

Norman Bridwell died earlier this week. To most people, that sentence won’t mean much. For some, however, it’s the end of an era, because Norman Bridwell was the creator of Clifford, the Big Red Dog – a children’s book about a little girl named Emily Elizabeth and her puppy, Clifford. As a boy, Bridwell dreamed… Read More ›

Holiday Hints #6: Put a Little Love in Your Heart (and Romance Books in Your Stockings)

It doesn’t matter which of the many winter holidays you observe because the basic philosophy remains the same: this is the time of year to look back, be kind and love one another. Some like their romance to be sweet and charming, while others prefer something a little more spicy; either way, there is lots to… Read More ›

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